About Us

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Pavan Kumar

Founder and CEO

Pavan Kumar, an IIT alumnus and serial entrepreneur is an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and leadership. In 2014, he founded White Lotus Group, a prominent name in Bengaluru's bespoke luxury real estate space.
Early in his career, Pavan made notable strides in the corporate world that laid the groundwork for his eventual transition into the realm of entrepreneurship in the luxury real estate industry. As a modern entrepreneur, Pavan blends distinct skills in business management and innovation to steer success under his leadership. White Lotus Group resonates with Pavan's vision of 'Personal Sanctuaries,' a concept that encapsulates the essence of Home and Living through conscious design and experiential aesthetics.

Leadership Team


Chetan CI

Head of Operations

Nitya Satyanarayan

Head of Sales Operations
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Jenoy Raphael

Senior Marketing Manager
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Manjunath BT

Head of Liaison & Land Acquisition